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Why Buy Refurbished OEM? Facts and Benefits?

  • Apple does not sell their original parts to outside vendors, the only source for original parts is through refurbishing. Furthermore, there are different refurbished grades because many refurbishers may change different parts of the entire screen assembly
  • Our Refurbished OEM screens only has front glass replaced with the best glass in the market. Glass is ionized for extra durability and . Everything else in the assembly is original: LCD panel, flex cables, ICs, backlight unit, which brings us to these benefits:
  1. Brightness: Much brighter than aftermarket screens (at least 20% brighter), which means better viewing under normal daylight
  2. Color reproduction: More accurate because the original LCD panel can produce true RGB colors. Apple spent millions of dollars in R&D to produce these panels
  3. More responsive touch screen. Apple digitizer matrix is more dense than aftermarket ones which means higher response rate
  4. Fit and Finish: In-cell LCD means the LCD panel is much thinner, allowing the screen assembly to flush completely into the metal housing
  5. iOS Update: Original flex cables and ICs means you won’t accidentally brick your phone with an iOS updates. Nothing is more infuriating than an update that turn your phones into an infinite boot loop or freeze up your screens

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